Using AR Studio

Posted by Avik C on Monday, April 29, 2019


I had really been biased towards the VR and AR medium. In simple words I hate to wear massive the helmets to immerse myself into some game or film or some interactive mayhem someone has so meticulously put togather. I’ve tried to be part of this trend but failed miserably. WWI has a wonderful VR lab with cutting edge technology and some very knowledgable people associated with the department. Truth be told I get intimidated by the jargon and the complex psychological parameters that I must posses to harness the great medium. So I did what every good citizen of the country would’ve done - gave up on the idea and preached that this medium is a dead investment, there is no future here. I had amplified the non existant issues in my mind and had built a wall. On the other side of the wall great achievements are being made everyday. So I cheated myself to a sneak pic into the humble world of AR camera filters. And its been a very satisfying journey so far.

Facebook’s Spark AR studio has been around for a while. But Facebook, instagram filters they are a different story altogather. These simple in-camera filters like adding large eyes and facial hair has been made so easy with Spark AR Studio.